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Spirit Paddles

Quickly serve a round of your prime spirits! Read More

Beer Paddles

A great way of getting your beer from the bar to the table without making multiple trips! Read More

Pick Your Number of Shots!

Shot Paddle provide impressive presentation for shooters with space for up to 6 shots. Read More

Personalized Shot Trays

Add a distinctive touch to your shot presentation with a personalized shot tray. Read More

Wine or Ale Server

Perfect for serving up a taster of four different types of beer, wine or ale.. Read More
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Shot Paddles from Thousand Oaks Barrel Co.

Shot Paddles from Thousand Oaks Barrel Co. are a functional and unique solution to serving multiple shots.

With a custom, sturdy design, crafted personally for your restaurant or bar, Shot Paddles offer a portable and convenient way to serve multiple guests at once, providing a distinctive presentation for shooters. Perfect for pubs, bars and restaurants.

Reduce the need for your serving staff to make continuous trips back and forth to the bar. Servers simply load up their shot paddle and deliver!